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Mountain Range
COVID-19 Updates

All sessions must be booked in advance.

Masks are OPTIONAL.
You are welcome to wear a mask if that makes you more comfortable.
Vulnerable populations are encouraged to use extra precautions.
Your therapist will wear a mask when and if required by the State,
or at her discretion

We request that you honestly assess if you have cold, flu or virus symptoms.
Please wear a mask if you have a cough or cold.
Please wait a week before booking
if you have potentially exposed yourself by being part of a group,
and/or are experiencing flu or virus symptoms,
or if you have just received a booster, due to possible shedding.

We meet or exceed all COVID-19 Protection and Cleaning Protocols,

including the use of disinfectants on surfaces, allowing extra time between clients.
Intake paperwork does not reduce table time.
Please do not arrive early, so that we will have adequate time to take payment,
and prepare the room.

The State of Emergency has ended and the indoor Mask Mandate has been lifted. For requirements and advisories, please visit:



Please note that some people visiting our studio have been advised to abstain
from vaccines/experimental therapeutic treatments
or may choose to do so for various reasons such as
allergic reaction to ingredients, pregnancy, prior vaccine adverse reaction,
religious exemption or other reasons. 
Out of respect for everyone's privacy, personal choice and HIPAA compliance,
we do not discuss vaccination status.


For more information, please click the links.

State of Emergency information.

Information on
Reopening Massachusetts

For Massachusetts protocol , please visit


Resources suggested by The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education:

Scientific Resources:

Professional Resources:


Additional Resources:


VAERS -Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting
- reflects about 10% of actual cases due to under-reporting

America's Frontline Doctors - Protecting Your Medical Freedom and Civil Liberties

A Word About Censorship:
I had not updated this website in quite some time. 
However, imagine my surprise to find that several of the above links
had been removed or altered,
although I am the only person with login credentials.
I don't take lightly our Constitution or Bill of Rights, especially our
Right to Free Speech.  We are entitled to Health Freedom,
with free access to information, options and alternatives. 
The patient has a right to do research and make informed choices
for themselves and their family.
To deny these rights violates the Nuremberg Code.
The Self-serving beings controlling this planet implement policies to enrich themselves and give them more control over us. Yet, human beings have God-given rights that supersede these Agendas. The Controller-Dominator class does not have humanity's best interests at heart, despite a convincing pretense, so it is up to us to access alternative,
reputable sources of information and make
wise, informed choices for ourselves.
As Sovereign Human Beings, that is our birthright.



Don't miss the beginning where Dr. Fleming is sworn in, and his credentials are given. Impressive!
- MAN MADE in a LAB inserted nucleotide

March 15, 2022

COVID-19: A Second Opinion
Roundtable discussion

Senator Ron Johnson
Published January 24, 2022


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