COVID-19 Update

All sessions must be booked in advance.
We meet or exceed all COVID-19 Protection and Cleaning Protocols,
including the use of disinfectants on surfaces, allowing extra time (as always) between clients. Intake paperwork does not reduce table time.
Please do not arrive early
so that we will have adequate time to take payment, clean
and prepare the room.

Although the State of Emergency has ended and the
outdoor Mask Mandate has been lifted,

the State has certain requirements and advisories.

Please wear a mask to your session.
Your therapist will wear a mask during your session
for protection of self and others.

It is very important that everyone involved is careful about protecting themselves
(and thus others) by following state guidelines,

and honestly assessing if you have flu or virus symptoms
or have potentially exposed yourself by being part of a group,
or just received a booster and are feeling malaise.

If so, please wait a week before booking.


As of May 29, all remaining COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.
Mask requirements remain in place in certain spaces.
Please wear a mask to your session.
The State of Emergency ended June 15,


Reopening Massachusetts

For Massachusetts protocol , please visit

Resources suggested by The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education:

Scientific Resources

Professional Resources:

Additional Resources:


Please note that some people visiting our studio have been advised to abstain from vaccines/experimental therapeutic treatments or may choose to do so for various reasons
such as allergic reaction to ingredients, pregnancy, prior vaccine adverse reaction,
religious exemption or other reasons. 

Out of respect for everyone's privacy, personal choice and HIPAA compliance,

we do not discuss vaccination status.