*Swedish Relaxation *  * Aromatherapy *  * Deep Tissue *  *Muscular Therapy*
 *Myofascial Release *  *Sports *  * Reiki*  *Pregnancy Massage*

(Sorry, we are unable to accommodate Couples Massage)

Body Centre Massage Therapists have advanced training in a variety
of specific techniques and treatment modalities. Based on your activities of daily living,
your personal health history and our intake discussion, we will work with you to determine
your best treatment options, in order to reduce or eliminate pain and tension held in the body,
while increasing your flexibility and range of motion. These may include, but are not limited to, Swedish, Swedish-Esalen, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release + Stretching, Cross-Fiber Friction, NMT Trigger-Point work, Sports Massage, or Traction and Passive work.   Many of our clients enjoy Aromatherapy to help them achieve deeper relaxation. We will discuss your pressure comfort level and techniques and modalities,
so that you and your Therapist can determine the best approach to your session.
These modalities are combined to create your ultimate customized treatment!
Note: If you have not had a massage in a while, or do not get regular treatments, we suggest 90 minutes,

in order to address long-held tension and issues, while allowing you more time to unwind.
60% or more of our clients prefer this longer, more thorough session.